DON'T BE SCAMMED! Out of the 25 or so top men's dating advice Guru's there are only a few programs that are worth getting. I've been studying all of these guys for over 7 years now. Find out which ones work and aren't scams below.


You can go to my full reviews on the only 5  programs I think are worth getting, or check out their Short Reviews on this page below:


Mr. L. Rx                     - Dating To Relating    -  Short Review  - Full Review
David Deangelo           - Double Your Dating   -  Short Review  - Full Review

Mystery Method          - Love Systems            -  Short Review  - Full Review

Neil Strauss                  - Style Life                    -  Short Review  - Full Review

Tiffany Taylor              - Guy Gets Girl             -  Short Review  - Full Review


#1 - Dating To Relating - (9.5/10)


Ultimately, I gave Dating To Relating the highest grade because I believe that it is without question or doubt the best method out there. It is not one method, but many different situational methods. I believe  Dating To Relating will work best for most guys. Mr. L. Rx gives you tools to approach different kinds of girls and different personality types. He also gives you tools to turn meeting women into a relationship, and tools to maintain a relationship. His theory and methods incorporate and better explain many of the methods used by other Guru's such as DeAngelo, Mystery, Strauss. His methods are much broader and bring a lot more situational technique to the table than the others do. What makes him most different from all the other Gurus is he doesn't treat "women" as one category that are all alike, and he doesn't treat the reader (men) as if we are all alike with the same type of personality. So as a result he gives you situational strategies that can be applied by different types of men seeking different types of women.


Best of all he gives you tools to create your own situational strategies. I was able to use his information to work out a strategy to date the exact kind of women that I wanted.


Overall it is without question the best value for the buck and the most workable information.  SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE   or go to DATING TO RELATING


# 2 - Double Your Dating - (6.5/10)


I Like David DeAngelo's programs a lot. I have been subscribing to his "Dating Guru" series for about 6 or 7 years now. Great data and volumes of data. I give it the #2 spot because the "Cocky and Funny" stuff although workable, isn't situational and doesn't work as good as Mr. L. Rx's stuff. And when it did work I didn't like the kind of girls that it attracted.  However, David Deangelo gives you a lot of data from a lot of different people so it really triggers some ideas. Actually, the best thing you could do is get both Mr. L. Rx's stuff and David DeAngelo's stuff as I found that Mr. L Rx has a deeper understanding of the basics and his theories explain a lot of David DeAngelo's stuff better than David does.  Getting both of their materials gives you a great training package. SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE   or go to DOUBLE YOUR DATING .


#3 - The Mystery Method - (4.0/10)


Mystery's Method is very interesting and very similar to some of the techniques that Mr. L. Rx teaches. However, Mr. L. Rx has a lot more approaches for different situations than Mystery. Mystery does go into more detail on the techniques that he uses than Mr. L. Rx does. However, I found that these methods were best for bars and clubs. Mr. L. Rx has a much broader program, however, including several other techniques for different personality types in bars and clubs. Overall, though I feel the Mystery Method is very worth getting, I would get it in combination with Mr. L. Rx's stuff and you will get even a better perspective on applying Mystery's program. SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE  or go to LOVE SYSTEMS


#4 - Neil Strauss - (4.0/10)


Billed as the best pick up artist in the world, I found his materials interesting and very similar to Mystery's materials. (He was a student of Mystery) However, again it falls short of a fuller understanding of women that both Mr. L. Rx  and Deangelo have. However, I think his techniques are very good for a certain type of women which you mainly find in bars and clubs.  Both Neil and Mystery are more for guys who are interested in being Pick Up Artists. However, Mr. L. Rx gives more and broader methods to pick up women, and he has a new writer on his site, Mr. P. L. Ayer, who reportedly had sex with over 2000 women before he was 30 and never got caught playing or cheating on women.  I don't know if any of the so called Pick Up Artists like Neil can boast of statistics like that.  Style Life Academy, however, is kind of a cool program. You might want to check that out, but again I would recommend supplementing the Style Life training with Mr. L. Rx and Deangelo's basic books. SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE    or go to STYLE LIFE


# 5 - Tiffany Taylor (3.0/10)


Guy Gets Girl was written by a woman. She is prone to the same mistakes as the others writing as if all women think like she does. There actually isn't a lot of value here as her materials are mainly fluff obviously written to make money promoting the idea that a women really knows how to approach women. However if money is not an issue for you I still recommend getting her materials as she does have some interesting perspectives on things, that the guy Guru's don't have. However, this is definitely not a program you would want to do alone. It's value is only in addition to the top programs like Mr. L. Rx and David Deangelo. SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE    or go to GUY GETS GIRL